Designs are always evaluated externally with certain products or items having an aesthetic value associated to them. What people usually look past is that designs comes in various forms. Apart from products, a design can come in the form of stories, methods, functionalities, and ideas. These designs are created to support consumers in the future, to instil change and create a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Final Year Exhibition is an art and design exhibition hosted by graduating students from the School of Media, Arts, and Design (SOMAD), Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT). This is a platform to showcase student portfolios where visitors can experience the unique final year projects by students from our various design courses which includes Advertising & Brand Management, Animation, Digital Film & 3D Animation, Product Design, Transport Design, as well as Visual Effects & Concept Design. Through this exhibition, our final year students can get recognition and create a good impression by interacting with invited guests from the industry. Students will also benefit from this exhibition by getting valuable feedback to help nurture them into better designers.

Our objectives for the Final Year Exhibition is primarily to showcase our perceptions towards the future, to inspire the audience to do their part in shaping a better future, and to present to the audience the endless possibilities in design.