Name: Ho Jun Min
Email: jaymmm0208@gmail.com
Phone No: 017-2491355

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Hello! I am Jun Min, everyone calls me Jun. My fascination how things are built and created from designers has led me to pursue an education in Product Design.

Throughout my 3 years of experience as a student, in addition to acquiring technical skills such as design thinking, prototype making, and being familiar with industry level software such as Solidworks and SketchUp. I worked on soft skills are such as being able to confidently pitch ideas and working as a team through various universities events and activities that I have participated as part of my growth.

I believed that design continue to empower the innovation of the world timelessly. My motivation to become a better designer is my belief that every effort I made today will be the result of tomorrow and as the saying goes “The best way to predict the future than to create it today.”