Name: Himavarthiniy A/P Easwaran
Email: himaeas@gmail.com​
Phone No: +6011-112 231 91​

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Creative, fun, passionate and bold best describe Hima as a person. The pursuit of happiness meant switching over from engineering to pursue her artistic passion. Like a blank canvas, she immersed herself into photography as she believed would be the best way to understand composition and visual story telling. “I’ve always seen myself wanting to break away from stereotypes.” This was the inspiration to her conceptual and empowering shoots. What started out as just a way to channel her inner creativity blossomed into a passion for filmmaking. With idols like Mani Rathnam and Denis Villeneuve, she hopes to write and direct inspiring films. She believes film has the power to change the mindset of society. ​​

Being a big believer of filmmakers as social advocates, she hopes to bring light to sensitive topics such as awareness for mental health and gender equality that requires more attention in todays world. Having worked in several local and international productions under directors and assistant directors, she continuous to develop all the power package required to help her climb towards her dream of being a film director. Besides pre-production, she is also interested in digital compositing as well as colour grading. ​