Test Subject 21 is a sci-fi drama centering around Meera, a passionate journalist fighting to keep her job at The News Daily amid the economy collapses due to the 2020 global pandemic. She convinces her boss, Mr Surren to reconsider retrenching her by offering him a headline worthy news within 48 hours. Following a tipoff surrounding speculations of illegal activities by one of the leading R&D company Genetec, Meera enlists her colleague, Rachel to help sneak into Genetec to look for evidence. She discovers the dark truth of Genetec and an unexpected truth which pushes her to question, is this story worth it? Are the secrets she uncovers more than she bargained for?​

Directed by: Hima Easwaran​

Director of Photography: Andreas Wijaya, Barath Kumaran Pillai*, Mishan Jay*​

Production Manager: Felicia Tan​

VFX Supervisor: Gatya Pandawa​

Music by: Niraindera Shanmugam*​

**External support team**​​