The Alley

Name: Shareen Shim Siang Ling
Phone No: 016–8188567

Portfolio Link:

Hey, my name is Shareen, a student from a hospitality background until I find myself passionate and excited in exploring VFX. I therefore began my journey into the design world as a VFX student.

I’m an optimistic introverted designer with high interest in 3D modelling, video editing, rotoscoping, lighting and composing. I’m always up to exploring something new in the fields I have interest in. I always refer to breakdown videos and tutorials to improve my skills and knowledge whenever I am free.

My hobby is playing games, which also help me develop more design ideas. Hence, I interned as a Game Artist intern for the duration of three months at Spacepup Entertainment; a game design company. The art industry allows me to explore more excellent things from different perspectives; an experience I never had before, and I believe it will lead me to explore the beauty of the world.