Within & Without is a short film produced by Phantasia studio – the production company engineered by 7 diversely skillful and promising talents from VFX program as our final project. Through the psychological thriller genre, we challenged ourselves to poke the audience’s mind with various techniques – by using a non-chronological flashbacks sequence crafted by us as well as the effects that we learned during our time as VFX students. Addressing social issues such as mental health awareness, it is about a young girl, Samantha, who is haunted by the monster of her past that holds a secret to her family’s tragedy.
We poured our hearts and efforts to every aspect of this film by creating almost every piece ourselves, down to the props and each detail you can see on the screen. To demonstrate our skills, we used VFX techniques such as 3D environment creation (modelling, texturing, simulation and effects), character modelling and animation, rotoscoping and compositing, all compiled together in harmony with a cinematic tone specially created by us. Buckle up and go scan the QR code for a peek to Samantha’s mind!